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A man and woman converse in a city apartment.
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Title: A Farm And A Family, Page 5
From: A Farm And A Family
Original caption: Panel #1 -- Meanwhile, in the city. . .
“You’d better hurry, Bob! Your breakfast will be cold!” “I’ll be right in, Alice!”
Panel #2 -- “You two had better start for school, we don’t want any letters from the teacher this month!”
“We’re leaving right away. . .Bye!”
Panel #3 -- “Would you like another cup of coffee, Bob?” “Okay! How about taking the children up to the farm this weekend, Alice?”
Panel #4 -- “Sure! We haven’t been up to see your folks for a while! I hope everything’s all right up there!”
“I’m a little worried about them, Alice!”
Panel #5 -- “They’re both getting along in years, and the farm’s getting to be too big a job for them to handle!”
“Tommy graduates next month. He’ll be a big help to them both!”
Panel #6 -- “Tommy’s got the makings of a good engineer… I’d sure hate to have him loose out on a chance to study at a good school! He’ll never be satisfied with farming. . .”
“If there were only something we could do!”
Creator: n/a
Date: 1956
Format: Comic Book
Source: Social Security Online History Page
Keywords: Aging; Agriculture; Children; Economics; Education; Employment; Family; Government; Insurance; Legislation; Pension; Policy; Public Welfare; Rural Life; Social Security; Urban Life
Topics: n/a

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