About: Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Disability History Museum is served by the same Board of Directors as the project's sponsor, Straight Ahead Pictures.

Stephen Bromage

Bromage is the Director of the Maine Historical Society. Among many responsibilities, Bromage has guided the development of the Maine Memory Network, a statewide digital museum that has received national recognition for its innovative approach to providing access to historical resources and engaging communities in local, state, and national history. A former SAP staff member, Bromage received an M.A. in Public History from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Bromage has been instrumental in helping SAP transition to creating education products with partners both local and national.

John Sears, PhD

Independent scholar John Sears is Associate Editor of the Eleanor Roosevelt papers, and former Executive Director of the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in Hyde Park. Sears helps the organization develop strategic relationships with education organizations and funders, and he provides a steady eye and ear to the difficulties of managing a small non-profit. He brings considerable experience developing an online educational resource, as a founder of The New Deal Network.

Chris Palames

Palames has been an advocate for people with disabilities for over 25 years. A past president of the Massachusetts-based Disability Policy Consortium, he is also a leading consultant with Independent Living Resources, which provides training and technical assistance to a wide range of audiences on the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability rights legislation. He brings many years’ experience and a wide network of associates within disability organizations, and has provided insight and advice to SAP related to developing relationships with the disability community.

Laurie Block

Co-founder and Executive Director of Straight Ahead Pictures, Block works full time for the organization. For almost 20 years her work has concentrated on the history of the body, especially disability issues. Her research interests focus on the history of the human body and health in film, radio and popular culture -- from Sunday school tracts and the muscular Christianity movement to genetic screening. A more complete bio is available in our staff description.

John Crowley

Co-founder and Secretary of SAP, Crowley is a novelist and teacher of fiction writing and screenwriting at Yale University, and recently Director of the Yale Summer Session Writing Program. Crowley is the author of fourteen novels, and the recipient of numerous awards including a World Fantasy Life Achievement Award, an Award in Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and an Ingram Merrill Fellowship. He finds it gratifying that most of his fiction is still in print.