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An urban couple converse.  Then man then speaks on the phone with his mother.
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Title: A Farm And A Family, Page 6
From: A Farm And A Family
Original caption: Panel #1 -- “I know how much you love farming. . .and it would be a wonderful place to bring up the children! None of us are used to living in a big city!”
“I’m sure Mother and Dad would want me to take over the farm, if they had some other source of income to take of their own needs!”
Panel #2 -- “Bob, are your parents entitled to any benefits under social security law?”
“I asked Mom about that the last time I talked to her! I might as well call her and see if Dad looked into it!”
Panel #3 -- “Yes, Mother, Alice and I will be coming up this week end with the children. . .say has Dad done any inquiring at the social security office about. . .”
“That’s what I wanted to tell you, Bob! We got a letter from the district office this morning!”
Panel #4 -- “Your Dad’s down there!”
“Gee that’s swell, Mother. We’ll see you both day after tomorrow and you can tell us all about it!”
Panel #5 -- In the District Office. . .
“Yes, Mr. Aiken. . .you can qualify for benefits in 1956 when you reach 65!”
“I don’t suppose it’ll be very much!”
Creator: n/a
Date: 1956
Format: Comic Book
Source: Social Security Online History Page
Keywords: Aging; Agriculture; Children; Economics; Education; Employment; Family; Government; Insurance; Legislation; Pension; Policy; Public Welfare; Rural Life; Social Security; Telephone; Tobacco
Topics: n/a

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