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A young couple speak while walking along the street of a small town.
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Title: A Farm And A Family, Page 4
From: A Farm And A Family
Original caption: Panel #1 -- “If only your folks had some extra money so you could go on with your education!”
“I’m afraid there just isn’t any money to spare for that, Lil! They’re expecting me to help out on the farm when I finish high school!”
Panel #2 -- “Gee, that’s too bad, Tommy. . .and I know you don’t care much for farming!”
“Well, I’d much rather be an engineer… but what’s the use of dreaming?. . .Shall we go, Lily, it’s getting late!”
Panel #3 -- “Have your folks ever thought of turning over the farm to your older brother and his family? It would be wonderful for the children. . ." “We’ve thought of it, Lily, but the farm isn’t profitable enough to support them all! I know Bob would love it though! He’s a real farmer!”
Panel #4 -- “Well, good night, Tom! Don’t feel too bad! Maybe something will come up!”
“Maybe. . .good night, Lily! I’ll see you tomorrow in class!”
Panel #5 -- “If only the farm would pay well enough for Bob and Alice to take over. . .then Dad could take it easy! He sure deserves a rest!”
Creator: n/a
Date: 1956
Format: Comic Book
Source: Social Security Online History Page
Keywords: Aging; Agriculture; Economics; Education; Employment; Family; Government; Insurance; Legislation; Pension; Policy; Public Welfare; Rural Life; Social Security
Topics: n/a

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