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Elderly man and woman in rocking chairs talk; a younger couple discuss their future.
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Title: A Farm And A Family, Page 3
From: A Farm And A Family
Original caption: Panel #1 -- And back on the farm. . .
“The last time I talked to Bob he asked me about your social security coverage, Dad. . .do you know anything about it?”
“I imagine we’d be entitled to something when we reach sixty-five!”
Panel #2 -- “But I doubt if it’ll amount to much! Self-employed farmers have only been covered under social security law for a year or two. . .”
“I guess you’re right, Dad!”
Panel #3 -- “Still, it wouldn’t do any harm to write to the social security folks and find out for sure!”
“Why don’t you, Dad? Do it tonight. . .right away!”
Panel #4 -- “All right, Mother. . .where do you keep your writing paper?”
“It’s in the top drawer of the desk, Dad. . .I wonder what time Tom will be home! I hope he doesn’t stay out too late tonight! He has to get up so early to get to school!”
Panel #5 -- And in town. . .
“Hi, Tommy. . .Hi, Lilly!”
“Here’s a booth, Lil! Let’s have a soda before I take you home!”
Panel #6 -- “You’ve always wanted to go to engineering school, haven’t you, Tommy?” “That’s right, Lil… but I don’t think I have much of a chance now!”
Creator: n/a
Date: 1956
Format: Comic Book
Source: Social Security Online History Page
Keywords: Aging; Agriculture; Economics; Education; Employment; Family; Government; Insurance; Legislation; Pension; Policy; Public Welfare; Rural Life; Social Security
Topics: n/a

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