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Notes Of The National Patients' Committee

Creator: n/a
Date: April 1932
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives
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Three of the executive officers of The National Patients' Committee, namely, Miss Egan, Mr. Lyon and Mr. Motley, returned to their homes during the last week of March; therefore, an election of officers was held at a dinner meeting of The National Patients' Committee on March 30th, which resulted in the following:


President -- Mr. Lewis H. Thornton, Wellsville, New York.


Vice-President -- Mr. L. L. Weeks, Skaneateles, New York.


Treasurer -- Mr. Thomas E. Lane, Englewood, New Jersey.


Secretary -- Miss Elizabeth Angell, Manville, Rhode Island.


This dinner meeting and election was followed by an entertainment featuring a negro orchestra which could teach the New York night club performers several new tricks. The whole evening was an enjoyable and fitting celebration of the accomplishments of The National Patients' Committee, and a tribute to the retiring officers. The work of The National Patients' Committee in crusading against infantile paralysis has been splendidly sustained since the organization in July, 1931, and the Committee has a proud history of substantial accomplishment.


The Finance Group of the Committee has been responsible for securing donations to the Patients' Aid Fund totaling almost $7,000.00 between July, 1931, and the present date. Mr. John Norris has been Secretary of a group seek ing new "Friends of Warm Springs," and Mr. Boyd White has been the aggressive chairman for the Finance Group. Mr. Reginald Bulkley, as Chairman of the Rehabilitation Group, has secured and coordinated valuable information which is available to each patient who comes to the Foundation, and may ultimately be useful to handicapped persons who are unable to come here.


The group on Architectural and Mechanical Hints is busily collecting information about folding wheel chairs of every description, hand-control devices for cars, etc. Miss Beatrice Warbasse, of Gloversville, New York, is Chairman of this group.


Miss Elizabeth Angell has been the Librarian of the Committee for the past several months. The literature about polio is now well arranged and catalogued and Miss Angell has secured much new material for the Committee's library.


Mrs. Ida Kerry, of Brookline, Mass., has brought the work of the Hotel Accommodations Group to such a point that they hope shortly to be able to publish a directory of Hotels suited to the peculiar needs of polios who want to travel.


A group under the direction of Miss Winifred Tuttle has handled the addressing of envelopes for several mailings by The National Patients' Committee and the Foundation and has kept in touch with the alumni.


Mrs. Lillian K. Donovan heads the Membership Group, by which The National Patients' Committee sponsors "The Polio Crusaders." Membership cards and pins have been developed and the work goes on splendidly with indications that it will be a great aid to the Committee in securing monies for the Patients' Aid Fund.


Mrs. M. K. Moore, of Cleveland, as Chairman of the New Projects Group, has secured nearly $500.00 for the remodeling of a large cottage into an Infirmary annex. A St. Patrick's Day Carnival at the Playhouse was responsible for nearly one-third of the amount. Another $600.00 is needed to undertake this work, which will give the Foundation adequate facilities for new patients who need temporary hospitalization, until they are ready for the regular regime with which all Warm Springs alumni are familiar.