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Stoddard Cites Evidence

From: The Galesburg Illini, "Division to Close"
Creator: George B. Stoddard (author)
Date: March 25, 1949
Source: Tim Nugent

Page 1:


The Governor discussed, with me the proposed closing of the Galesburg Undergraduate Division as of June 30, 1949 I had previously suggested as preferable the closing of Galesburg in June, 1950. Under agreement with the War Assets Administiation and the Department of Public Welfare, the University acquired the facility in the Fall of 1946 on a three year lease, subject to a two-year renewal provided a six months' warning were given.


As the Governor has pointed out, the need for more space in the hospitals of the State is critical. It is recognized that the facilities at Galesburg are adapted to the care of aged and infirm patients.


It should be possible to reduce the operating budget of the University by nearly $2,000,000 for the coming biennium. All the staff members on tenure will, of course, be transferred to the University at Urbana-Champaign or to Navy Pier. A high priority will be given to other staff members who desire to transfer to one of these campuses. It is probable that the students who have finished one year at Galesburg can be taken care of at the Navy Pier Division or Urbana-Champaign. There is, however, a small number of disabled veterans who cannot use the facilities in Chicago or Urbana. Dean Louttit is working on a special plan whereby such veterans may complete the second year's work by correspondence or extension if they so desire.


George D. Stoddard, President,
University of Illinois.