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Trade card describing the merits of Dr. Isaas Thompson's Celebrated Eye Water.

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Title: Dr. Isaac Thompson's Celebrated Eye Water Tade Card (Back)
From: Dr. Isaac Thompson's Celebrated Eye Water Trade Card
Original caption: Dr. Isaac Thompson’s Celebrated Eye Water, for all complaints of the eyes.

Each bottle is stamped with my proprietary stamp. None other genuine.

The Genuine Eye Water

Is enfolded in an engraved envelope, on which is the likeness of the original inventor, Dr. Isaac Thompson, New London, Conn., with a fac-simile of his signature; also the signature of John L. Thompson, with a note of hand, signed by John L. Thompson, 161 River Street, Troy, N.Y. None oher can be genuine.

This well-known and thoroughly efficient remedy has acquired a worldwide reputation, having been before the public for over eighty-five years, and it is a remarkable fact that it’s reputation has been sustained simply by the merits of the medicine, as the many thousands, who have used it, will bear testimony.

Its merits stand unrivaled.

In constant use since 1795.

Price…………25 Cents per bottle

John L. Thompson, Prop’r, Troy, N.Y.

Creator: n/a
Date: Circa 1885
Source: Boston Public Library