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Local Charity: An Appeal To The Unemployed

Creator: n/a
Date: February 14, 1877
Publication: Springfield Republican
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Franklin county, 26 towns, on population of 72,635, gained, 1001
Montagne (Turners Falls) alone gained 1176
Orange and Erving alone gained, 621
9 other towns together gained, 206
14 towns together lost 922
Balance, 1061


Berkshire county, 31 towns, on population of 64,827 gained, 3488
Adams alone gained 3610
Pittsfield alone gained 1135
9 other towns together gained 1155
20 small towns together lost, 2543
Balance 3438


The small increase in the agricultural county of Hampshire especially, and in the small farming towns of all the four counties, and the great increase in the manufacturing towns particularly Springfield, Holyoke, Adams and Montague, illustrate the evil to which we have referred, and show how town and country are both impoverished.


We have said nothing new, -- and present only well-known and recognized facts, but have endeavored to put them in a shape to strike the minds of those to whom they are important, and by whom they are not fully understood. All is offered in a spirit of friendly counsel, and desire for the highest good of individuals and the community.


Signed by Washington Gladden,
Edward Ingersoll
Dexter H. Brigham
Mrs. Gordon Bill
Mrs. V. L. Owen
Mrs. N. A. Leonard

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