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To Those Who Made These Celebrations Possible

Creator: Carl Byoir (author)
Date: January 30, 1937
Publication: The President's Birthday Magazine
Publisher: National Committee for the Birthday Ball for the President to Fight Infantile Paralysis
Source: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
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Each year, at the time of the Birthday Ball, my own thoughts turn to the thousands throughout the country who have lent their time and support to this great humanitarian cause.


The impossibility of thanking each one separately is immediately apparent, when one considers that there are approximately six thosand -sic- local chairmen, with perhaps a half million people acting on their committees, and undoubtedly between five and six million people who contribute by purchasing tickets and attending these celebrations.


To secure this result we have the unstinting cooperation of over 1900 newspapers, over 7000 weekly newspapers, 595 radio stations, civic and fraternal societies, business organizations, three great broadcasting systems and the Postal Telegraph and Western Union.


Here at headquarters a group of loyal workers literally put in fifteen to sixteen hours a day for nine weeks. One hesitates to mention any individuals for fear that others as praise-worthy would be omitted from the list.


It is an inspiring and, at the same time, an humbling experience to sit in the center of this vast network of unselfish effort and to learn to understand something of the greatness of the heart of the American people. To us the nation becomes a sort of a living geography where millions generously respond to the need of the less fortunate.


I think it was James Barrie who has somewhere written: "God gave us memory so that we might have our roses in December." Throughout each year memory of the thousands of sacrifices made by my co-workers furnishes me with a host of happy memories. Each of you, who have made some contribution to this cause, have helped to touch the lame and the sick, and make them well. To all of you I can only say in the words of Tiny Tim: "God bless you every one."