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Teachers For The Feebleminded

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Date: August 29, 1914
Publication: The Survey
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The increased demand for training in teaching mentally defective pupils is shown by the experience of New York University with its summer demonstration school, held for the first time this year.


This school, conducted on Sullivan street, New York city, has seventy feeble-minded girls and boys, three years or more backward mentally, drawn from the neighborhood. It is believed to be the first experiment of the kind ever undertaken. It is conducted for the benefit of those enrolled in the University's Department of Education for Defectives, of which Henry H. Goddard, director of the department of research of the Vineland Training School, New Jersey, is director. There have been eighty registrations for the work of this department this summer -- a number far exceeding the expectations of the university authorities. Most of those enrolling expect to teach ungraded classes in the public schools.


New York University will introduce this fall a two-year course in the teaching of mental defectives, awarding a certificate to graduates. It is hoped to make the demonstration school, which this summer is under the supervision of Meta Anderson, supervisor of special classes in the Newark, N. J., public schools, a permanent part of the winter work of the university.