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Report Of The Committee Of The Connecticut Asylum For The Education And Instruction Of Deaf And Dumb Persons

Creator: n/a
Date: June 1, 1817
Publisher: Hudson and Co., Hartford
Source: American School for the Deaf

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Yates, C. C. Albany, 10
Yates, John W. do. 15


Abstract of receipts and expenditures on account of the Connecticut asylum for the education and instruction of Deaf and Dumb persons.


Donations received from individuals, $12016.88
Ditto from the State of Connecticut, 5000.00
Dividend on bank shares, 222.00
Gained by exchange 30.11


Expenses of Rev. T. H. Gallaudet, from the time he left Hartford until his return from Europe; including Mr. Clerc's expences to this country, 2144.07
Paid for Bank Stock purchased $11000, nominal value, 10345.00
Rev. T H. Gallaudet's salary from August 22d. 1816, to May 10th, 1817. 715.06
Paid Mr. L. Clerc in part of his salary, 129.51
Books and postages, 26.50
Furniture for the Asylum and School Rooms, 927.49
Travelling expences of the Agents for collecting subscriptions, and board of Mr. Clerc, previous to the opening of the Asylum, 501.53
Cash appropriated for the purchase of stock, 2000.00
Ditto for current expences, 479.83


Account of advances made by the scholars in the Asylum up to June 1st, 1817.


April. Nathan Dillingham, six months advance for his daughter, $100
Daniel Gales, six months advance for Otis Waters, 100
Wilson Whitton, six months advance for his son W. Whitton, Jr. 100
Elijah Loring, twelve months advance for his Son, - - 200
Cyrus Stanley, three months advance for his son D. A. Stanley, 50
Asa Stebbins, six months advance for his Son and Daughter, 200
Jabez Backus, three months advance for his son S. Backus, 50
Nancy Orr, six months advance, 100
May l6. Charles Barrett, six months advance for his son, 100
Miner Fowler, three months advance for his two daughters, 100
Lucy Backus, three mouths advance, 50
Pratt Allen, three months advance, 25
May 20th. James Byers, Esq. six months advance for Miss Boardman, 100
May 22d. Sylvester Gilbert, three months advance for his daughter, 25
J. Rose, six months advance for his daughter, 100
May 26th. Theodore Merrill, three months advance for his son B. Merrill, 50
May 27th. Thomas H. Howell, six months advance, 100


An Act to incorporate the Connecticut Asylum, for the education and instruction of Deaf and Dumb persons.


1. BE it enacted by the Governour and Council and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, That John Caldwell, Nathaniel Terry, Daniel Wadsworth, Mehitable Wadsworth, Susan Tracy, Ward Woodbridge, Henry Hudson, Daniel Buck, Mason F. Cogswell, Joseph Battell, William H. Imlay, Charles Sigourney, David Porter, David McKinney, Isaac Bull, Thomas S. Williams, John Morgan, Samuel Tudor, Jr. John Butler, George Goodwin, John Beach, James Ward, Roswell Bartholomew, George Smith, Joseph Rogers, Moses Tryon, Jr. Nathan Strong, Jr. Charles Seymour, James H. Wells, Jonathan W. Edwards, William W. Ellsworth, William Watson, Russel Bunce, Eliphalet Terry, Seth Terry, Lynds Olmsted, Thomas Lloyd, James B. Hosmer, Joseph Trumbull, Samuel Tinker, Horace Burr, Russel Talcott, Christopher Colt, Eliphalet Averill, Nathaniel Patten, Joseph Wells, William Ely, Spencer Whiting, Barzillai Hudson, Jr. Jonathan Law, George Goodwin, Jr. Daniel Crowell, Charles Goodwill, Michael Shepherd, Caleb Goodwin, Dudley Buck, Aaron Chapin, Jared Scarborough, Barzillai Hudson, Jacob Sargeant, Peter Thatcher, Talcott Wolcott, Nathaniel Spencer, and their associates be, and they hereby are formed into, constituted and made, a body politic and corporate, by the name of "The Connecticut Asylum for the education and instruction of Deaf and Dumb persons," and by that name they and their successors shall, and may have perpetual succession: shall be capable of suing, and being sued, pleading, and being impleaded in all suits of what nature soever, may have a common seal, and may alter the same at pleasure, and may also purchase, receive, hold and convey, any estate real or personal, the annual income of which shall not exceed five thousand dollars.


2. And be it further enacted, That the said Asylum may from time to time, elect a President, and such other officers as they may find necessary or convenient, may elect additional members, and the said Asylum may make bylaws, respecting the number, qualifications, and duties, of their officers; the mode of election and admission of members, the time, place, and manner of holding their meetings, and the number necessary to make a quorum, and all other by-laws which they may deem necessary for the due regulation of said Asylum, not repugnant to the laws of this State or of the United States.


3. And be it further enacted, That the first meeting of said Asylum be held at the State-House in Hartford, on the second Monday of June next.


4. And be it further enacted, That this act or any part thereof, if found inadequate, or inconvenient, may be altered, amended, or repealed.


General Assembly, May Session, 1816. CHARLES DENISON, Speaker of the House of Representatives. JOHN COTTON SMITH, Governour. Attest. THOMAS DAY, Secretary. BY-LAWS OF THE CONNECTICUT ASYLUM.

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