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Feature Columnists

Creator:  Don Heston, Ida Brinkman, and Danny Williams (author)
Date: 1959
Publication: Toomeyville Jr. Gazette
Source: Gazette International Networking Institute

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Don the Beachcomber


Don Heston
232 E. South St
Bryan, Ohio


I like to sell things -- a salesman at heart. If you are interested in getting wholesale catalogs and starting a home catalog business, get "Salesman's Opportunity" -- available at any newstand.


I figured those rubber rings that are so comfortable for bathtub and other hard places were a little expensive at $7. Now I have found that for $l you can't beat an inner tube from a boat trailer. The size is perfect.


Did I tell you about the ceiling track I installed in my house? The ones made for transference of big fellows like me cost $50 - $60. I use one made for garage doors and it only cost $10.


They think we don't notice sometimes but we really do. Volunteers and nurses deserve our special thanks always.


Things like Miss Gregor taking to cutting hair, parties, etc. And that Miss Schmidt, she sings like a bird.


Parenting on the Recline


Ida Brinkman
224 East 326th St
Willowick, O


Both my hubby and I enjoy having our family to ourselves for at least part of the day. Of course, this is a decision that each respiratory family must make for themselves. We all live under different circumstances. I have three youngsters who are individually fully capable of carrying the ball at times. This not only provides them with a sense of responsibility, but registers their importance as a vital link in the family. Ours are old enough so that they can be fairly reliant. On week-ends and evenings we live it up on our own. Understand, I am not unsociable nor purple people eater, just love indulging in occasional solitude.


My blonde daughter, Bonnie, and I have worked out this new Braille by voice. The desire to write to her grandmother obsessed her. I was determined to help her write her letters without turning her over to someone else. Since my hands refused to cooperate it was time to light up the light bulb, and this is what came to light:


Each letter became an amusing description from which Bonnie was able to form her letters. Our A was pictured as an Indian tepee with a ladder-step across the door. A small "d" a straight line down with a fat stomach, "Q" a circle with a curly pig tail, etc. We had a good laugh together, and by golly, she learned to write to boot.


Laugh with the real Danny Williams


Danny Williams
803 Indiana Ave
New Castle, Ind.


The old farmer was driving home from town after having imbibed freely. In descending a hill, the horse stumbled and fell. Either it could not or would not get to its feet again. At last the farmer bawled savagely, "Goldurn your hide! Git up thar, or I'll drive right smack over ye!"


This highway adage I have found has much wisdom in it: If motorists would give more ground, there'd be fewer in it.


Burglar: "I'm not really to blame, your honor. I was without food, home or friends."
Judge: "You move me deeply; shelter, food and companionship shall be yours for the next six months."


Pat: "And so yer name is Riley. Any relation to Tim?"
Mike: "Very distant. I wuz me mither's first child and Tim wuz the seventeenth."