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You Can Be. . .

From: Toomeyville Gazette, December 1957
Creator: n/a
Date: December 1957
Publication: Toomeyville Gazette
Source: Gazette International Networking Institute
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Perhaps you saw, sometime ago, the Ripley cartoon that pictured a plain bar of iron worth $5. This same bar of iron, if made into horseshoes, is worth $10.50. When made into needles it becomes worth $385. If made into knife blades, it is worth $3,000 or more. When turned into balance springs for watches it becomes worth $250,000.


The same is true of another kind of material YOU.


It depends on what you make of yourself.


The value of a person is judged by what he does with what he has.


Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote of people who "die with all their music in them." He meant those who have unexplored areas within their souls and undeveloped resources which would make them into the persons they might have become!


You can write the price tag yourself. Do not sell yourself cheap.