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In Appreciation

From: Toomeyville Gazette, October 1956
Creator: Ada C. Barnes (author)
Date: October 1956
Publication: Toomeyville Gazette
Source: Gazette International Networking Institute
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Hail to the Toomeyville Gazette on its second anniversary!


We volunteers are especially grateful to its existence, because it has given us an added opportunity for service.


While Mrs. Randolph and the various editors, Carol Kneebusch, Sally Russell, Ruth Shema, Adele Mockbee, Marilyn Martinka, and Becky Krieger have carried the load, we're sure they have all found it to be a labor of love.


This publication has been expecially significant to the Volunteer Service, because it has kept us in touch with the patients who have left the hospital. It has also made us know better the hopes and aspirations of those who are currently in the hospital.


No one can appreciate the thrill that was ours when we read that Leighton Lube of the 1946 class had entered the teaching profession; the regret that Sally Russell is moving away; the pleasure that Susan Ambrecht and Ruth Davis have each established a thriving telephone-sales business.


Without the Gazette, how could we have known that John Lambour was capable of writing exciting book reviews; that Vern Colburn was a true and tried politician and that Sue Williams was a promising author.


Because the Gazette is distributed to other personnel and Volunteers of City Hospital, they are kept aware of our numerous interesting affairs here at Toomey.


May we express deep appreciation to the editors, their staffs and all others who have made this dream a reality. We predict a future for the Toomeyville Gazette as bright and worthwhile as its past has been.


Ada C. Barnes