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Poor Matt; or, The Clouded Intellect
The boy sighed, and again glanced toward the space between the clouds; then he shaded his eyes and said, with distressful earnestness, “Matt was looking for God -- Matt wants to see God.”...
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Title: Poor Matt; or, The Clouded Intellect
Creator: Jean Ingelow (author)
Date: 1869
Format: Book
Publisher: Roberts Brothers, Boston
Source: Straight Ahead Pictures Collection
Keywords: Abuse; Benevolence; Care Givers; Children; Children's Literature; Cognitive Disability; Death; Disease; Economics; Education; Employment; England; Family; Idiocy; Labor; Media; Moral Literature; Poverty; Religion; Social Welfare & Communities; Vocational Rehabilitation; Women & Gender; Work
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts

Objects From This Artifact:
- Poor Matt, Frontispiece (still)
- Poor Matt; or, The Clouded Intellect (doc)