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Couple with baby and child. Message about the importance of passing on "good blood" to your children.
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Title: What Kind of Children?
From: Social Hygiene Posters
Original caption: Children get their basic qualities by inheritance. If they are to be strong, keen, efficient, and great, there must be good blood back of them. If you want your children to be well-born, choose your husband because of fine qualities in his family and well as in himself. Then add the best training. These make a square deal for the children.
Creator:  American Social Health Association
Date: 1922
Format: Poster
Source: University of Minnesota Libraries, Social Welfare History Archives
Control no.: swhp0071
Keywords: American Social Health Association; Children; Eugenics; Family; Heredity; Marriage; Media; Parenting; Public Health; Public Relations; Sexuality; Social Hygiene; YMCA
Topics: n/a

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