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Movie poster - Show ideal bodies of man and woman.
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Title: If You Are Fit To Marry
Original caption: If you are fit to marry
California law says you must have a certificate of health to get married
See this vital production!
Mis-mating, infidelity and organic disease spell unhappiness and divorce
"Come up and see me sometime"
"Oh! What a mama! Wonder if I have a chance?"
Advice -- Do not get married unless you are MAN enough

. . .Rules for newly married couples
You are man and wife. Do as you please. . .
May their matrimonial waves never be stormy.

Love, honor, compatibility....three necessities of wedded bliss
"My! What a man! Wonder if I can handle him?"
100% healthy.
This man has passed all the marriage rules.
A great demand for him.
Creator: n/a
Date: 1942
Format: Poster
Source: Library of Congress
Control no.: LC #USF/33/13256-M3
Keywords: California; Eugenics; Heredity; Jurisprudence; Marriage; Movies; Physical Disability; Popular Culture; Sexuality
Topics: n/a
Note: Thanks to Martin S. Pernick. This image appeared in his 1996 book, The Black Stork: Eugenics and the Death of "Defective" Babies in American Medicine and Motion Pictures Since 1915.