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A women with a prosthetic right hand holds a resume in her hand.
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Title: Job Applicant
From: It Took An Act Of Congress
Original caption: If you overlook this job applicant, it could be a real crime. Not only could you be missing out on some valuable talent, you could be breaking the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all employers to make workplaces accessible and to give everyone who's qualified the chance to apply for a job -- without discrimination. That could mean overlooking your prejudices and giving someone a chance that's long overdue. Support Easter Seals.
Creator: Terry Bremer (creative director)
Date: Circa 1990
Format: Poster
Source: Easter Seals Society
Control no.: 439150
Keywords: Accessibility; Advocacy; Americans With Disabilities Act; Amputees; Assistive Technology; Easter Seals; Employment; Fundraising; Government; Legislation; Philanthropy; Physical Disability; Policy; Prosthesis; Service Organizations; Work
Topics: n/a
Note: This poster was produced by Easter Seals in collaboration with Campbell Methun Advertising, Minneapolis. Published with permission from Easter Seals.

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