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A man, woman and child pose for a family portrait; man is wearing neck/head brace.
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Title: Neck Brace -- Charity Postcard
Original caption: Photo by Grossman
Dayton, O
Their Only Support
Neck broken October 23, 1906, while decorating new office building, N.C.R., Dayton, Ohio. Was stooped over in the act of removing rubbish; plank fell striking back of neck.
A.Souslin, 17 Puterbaugh Ave., Dayton, Ohio
Creator:  Grossman (photographer)
Date: 1906
Format: Postcard
Source: Robert Bogdan Collection
Keywords: Accident; Assistive Technology; Braces; Charity; Children; Economics; Family; Injuries; Medicine & Science; National Cash Register; Ohio; Technology & Equipment; Work
Topics: Science, Health & Technology