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Child Toilers Of Boston Streets
Two of the boys are licensed to sell newspapers, but at one time last winter the elder brother was taken ill, and the father was sick in bed for months. During all this time the whole burden came upon little Antonio, who is only twelve years old, and so very slight you would think him much younger....
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Title: Child Toilers Of Boston Streets
Creator: Emma E. Brown (author)
Date: 1879
Format: Book
Publisher: D. Lothrop and Company, Boston
Source: Available at selected libraries
Keywords: Alcohol; Boston, MA; Child Labor; Children; Economics; Education; Family; Immigration; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Massachusetts; Newsboys; Newspapers; Poverty; Religion; Social Welfare & Communities; Urban Life; Work
Topics: Social Movements & Advocacy

Objects From This Artifact:
- A Boot-Black (still)
- A Street Peddler (still)
- Auguste (still)
- Child Toilers Of Boston Streets (doc)
- Little Amelia (still)
- Little Anna (still)
- Little Katie (still)
- One Of The Flower Girls (still)
- Pedro (still)
- Telegraph Boy (still)
- The Little Ash-Picker (still)
- The Newsboy (still)
- Two Members Of The "Shovel Brigade" (still)