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E. Webster To Samuel Gridley Howe, November 11, 1842
There are six blind persons in this town, one of whom only, a Mrs Field, was born blind. She is now rather more than fifty years of age. I cannot learn that there have been any other instances of blindness among her connexions, near or remote, except that of an older sister who was also born blind, and died within the last year. The only other blind female in town is a Mrs. Lyman, a widow lady, whose age is sixty-three. She lost the sight of one eye in consequence of a severe inflammation, nine years since. Five years after she lost the sight of the other by inflammation, tho less severe....
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Title: E. Webster To Samuel Gridley Howe, November 11, 1842
Creator: E. Webster (author)
Date: November 11, 1842
Format: Letter
Source: Perkins School for the Blind
Keywords: Aging; Blind; Census; Heredity; Massachusetts; Medicine & Science; Perkins School For The Blind; Poverty; Samuel Gridley Howe; Sensory Disability; Statistics
Topics: Science, Health & Technology