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The Relation Of Hereditary Eye Defects To Genetics And Eugenics
A large part, if not all, of this misery and expense could be gradually eradicated by sequestration or by sterilization, if the transmitter of the defect preferred the latter. An idea of this plan is given by the somewhat similar one for dealing with feeblemindedness. In 1913, laws for sterilization, under certain circumstances, had been passed in twelve states and proposed in nine others. Bulletin 10 of the Eugenics Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor, L. I., N. Y., gives a map showing the status at that time of such legislation. Where such eugenic laws have been enacted or favorably considered, probably existing laws could be properly amended or new laws passed to prevent this form of blindness....
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Title: The Relation Of Hereditary Eye Defects To Genetics And Eugenics
Creator: Lucien Howe, M.D. (author)
Date: November 1919
Format: Article
Publication: The Journal of Heredity
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.10, no.8, pp.379-382
Keywords: American Medical Association; Blind; Buffalo, NY; Doctors; Eugenics; Eugenics Records Office; Government; Laws & Regulation; Legislation; Lucien Howe; Marriage; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Medicine & Science; New York; Policy; Reproduction; Sensory Disability; Sterilization
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Science, Health & Technology