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Print showing a bloated Civil War veteran sitting on a chair beneath a sign that states "How the Fatman has grown." On display next to him is Uncle Sam sitting on a chair beneath a sign that states "The Living Skeleton."
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Title: Our National Dime Museum
Original caption: How the Fatman has grown. Number of Pensioners over 30 Years After the Close of the War 976,014. Number in waiting 200,000
The Living Skeleton. He has run behind $46,000,000 in 5 months and the Fatman keeps on Worrying him. Number in waiting 200,000
What it cost to raise Him. Pensions appropriation in 1866 $13,500,000... in 1897 $142,000,000. Unless policy is entirely changed it will soon require - $160,000,000.
Creator: Udo J. Keppler (illustrator)
Date: May 1, 1898
Format: Cover
Publication: Puck
Source: Library of Congress
Control no.: Illus. in AP101.P7 1898 (Case X) [P&P
Location: vol. 42, no. 1087, cover
Keywords: Civil War; Economics; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; Freak Show; Humor; Media; Obesity; Pension; Policy; Veterans; Veterans & Military; War
Topics: Government, Policy & Law