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The Instruction Of Helen Keller
It is easier for the credulous to say, “She is a miracle and her teacher is another miracle,” and for the unbelievers to declare, “Such things cannot be; we are being imposed upon,” than to make a conscientious study of the principles involved in her education....
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Title: The Instruction Of Helen Keller
From: Helen Keller Souvenir: No. 2, 1892-1899: Commemorating The Harvard Final Examination For Admission To Radcliffe College, June 29-30, 1899
Creator: Anne Sullivan (author)
Date: 1899
Format: Article
Publisher: Volta Bureau, Washington, D.C.
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: pp.12-23
Keywords: Anne Sullivan; Blind; Chautauqua, NY; Deaf; Deaf-blind; Education; Helen Keller; Higher Education; Institutions; Oralism; Radcliffe College; Ragnhild Kaata; Sarah Fuller; Schools; Sensory Disability; Volta Bureau
Topics: n/a

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- Chronological Statement Of Studies (doc)
- Final Preparation For College (doc)
- Method Of Instruction Pursued With Helen Keller (doc)
- Miss Helen Adams Keller's First Year Of College Preparatory Work (doc)
- Preface (doc)
- The Instruction Of Helen Keller (doc)