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Helen Keller's Education
There was a certain monotony in the voice, of course, prevented, however, from being in any way disagreeable by a certain sonorousness and pathos. During the past year Helen has grown a great deal. She is now a tall, noble-looking girl, finely proportioned and appearing much older than her thirteen years....
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Title: Helen Keller's Education
Creator: n/a
Date: June 18, 1893
Format: Article
Publication: The New York Times
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: p.17
Keywords: Anne Sullivan; Blind; Boston, MA; Ceremonies; Communication; Deaf; Deaf-blind; Education; Educational Institutions; Horace Mann School; Institutions; Massachusetts; Media; Oralism; Perkins School For The Blind; Sarah Fuller; Sensory Disability
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations