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A Hard Life
And now a pitiful yet inspiring story of another unfortunate child comes to us. She was born in Texas, and when fifteen months old had learned only two words -- mamma and papa. Then she had a serious illness, by which she lost eyesight and hearing, and was doomed to a life of imprisonment, into which no sound or ray of light could penetrate....
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Title: A Hard Life
Creator: n/a
Date: April 6, 1893
Format: Article
Publication: The Youth’s Companion
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.66, no.14, pp.176-177
Keywords: Blind; Children; Communication; Deaf; Deaf-blind; Education; Educational Institutions; Family; Helen Keller; Institutions; Laura Bridgman; Manual Alphabet; Media; Schools; Sensory Disability; Texas
Topics: n/a