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The "Pineys"
But the real Piney has no inclination to labor, submitting to every privation in order to avoid it. Lazy, lustful and cunning, he is a degenerate creature who has learned to provide for himself the bare necessities of life without entering into life's stimulating struggle. Like the degenerate relative of the crab that ages ago gave up a free roving life and, gluing its head to a rock, built a wall of defence around itself, spending the rest of its life kicking food into its mouth and enjoying the functionings of reproduction, the Piney and all the rest of his type have become barnacles upon our civilization, all the higher functions of whose manhood have been atrophied through disuse....
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Title: The "Pineys"
Creator: Elizabeth S. Kite (author)
Date: October 4, 1913
Format: Article
Publication: The Survey
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.31, pp.7-13, 38-39
Keywords: Agriculture; Children; Cognitive Disability; Crime; Economics; Eugenics; Heredity; Ideologies; Immigration; Institutions; Intelligence Tests; Medicine & Science; New Jersey; New Jersey Training School; Poverty; Prison; Religion; Rural Life; Sexuality; Women & Gender; Work
Topics: Social Movements & Advocacy