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Inventory Taken At Hill-Top Cottage, May 5, 1945
Top Shelf: L. to R.
tea set: creamer, sugar bowl, 4 cups and saucers, 3 large plates, Wedgwood Patrician
1 after dinner coffee cup: white with gold border and gold N.Y. State seal. Waverly, made in Japan.
2 plates
4 decanters, U.S. Navy
11 sherry glasses (from the children of the Crown Prince of Norway?)
8 brandy (?) glasses
3 odd glasses: 2 U.S.N., 1 N.Y. State seal Chinese metal tea pot...
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Title: Inventory Taken At Hill-Top Cottage, May 5, 1945
Creator: Margaret L. Suckley (author)
Date: May 5, 1945
Format: Legal documents
Source: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Control no.: Small Collections, Margaret L. Suckley Papers, Hill-Top Cottage Folder
Keywords: Accessibility; Alcohol; Architecture; Art; Diagnoses & Diseases; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Hyde Park, NY; Margaret L. Suckley; New York; Physical Disability; Polio; Top Cottage
Topics: Physical Environment
Funding Support Provided By: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute