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Four small children, one crying, learn that a friend has contracted polio.
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Title: "Johnny Can't Play No More"
Original caption: Johnny can't play no more
He's got pawalysis
Join the Fight Against Infantile Paralysis
Help the President Found the Great New National Foundation
President Roosevelt said in announcing the new national Foundation for Infantile Paralysis:
"The purpose of the new Foundation is to lead, direct and unify the fight. . .to ensure that every research agency is adequately financed. . .to eliminate improper care and needless after effect. . .to disseminate knowledge to the practising physician who is the front line fighter of the sickness." What will be your response to this nation-wide appeal?
How will you answer the voices of thousands of children who the length and breadth of the land cry out -- "Please help protect us from Infantile Paralysis." Certainly your answer will be swift -- sure.
Reach into your pocketbook and send in a dollar today. Please send your dollar to:
The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis
120 Broadway, New York
Sponsored by a friend
Creator: n/a
Date: January 30, 1938
Format: Advertisement
Publication: The President's Birthday Magazine
Publisher: National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis
Source: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Control no.: RJ 496 P2 P7 1938
Location: inside front cover
Keywords: Birthday Balls; Charity; Children; Disease; Doctors; Economics; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Friendship; Fundraising; Georgia; Institutions; Medical Professionals; Medical Research; Medicine; National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis; New York; New York City, NY; Physical Disability; Polio; Public Relations; Rehabilitation; Treatments Therapies Cures; Voluntarism
Topics: n/a
Funding Support Provided By: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute