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Dime Museums
Now Dime Museums are perfectly respectable. It is of course impossible to exclude the rough or "rowdy" element from any place of public entertainment. But if a man should annoy the audience or any of the performers, he would receive a stern warning to amend his behavior; and if he should repeat the offense, he would find himself suddenly ejected into the street. As to imposition, there certainly is a good deal of exaggeration, both in the pictorial advertisements without and the florid eloquence of the lecturer within. Nevertheless, there is usually something worth seeing, if one has an intelligent eye....
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Title: Dime Museums
Creator: J.G. Wood (author)
Date: June 1885
Format: Article
Publication: Atlantic Monthly
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.55, pp.759-765
Keywords: Advertising; Animals; Boston, MA; Commodore Nutt; England; Entertainment; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; Freak Show; Giants; Identity; Institutions; Krao; Labor; Massachusetts; Media; Museums; Physical Disability; Popular Culture; Short Stature
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts