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FDR To Henry Toombs, June 9, 1938
Perhaps we may have to make some adjustments on this estimate, for I cannot possibly afford to build an $18,000 house -- and it is even possible that if the bids run anything like as high as that, I may decide to give up both the wings and build only the center at this time....
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Title: FDR To Henry Toombs, June 9, 1938
Creator: Franklin D. Roosevelt (author)
Date: June 9, 1938
Format: Correspondence
Source: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Control no.: President's Secretary's File, Hyde Park: Top Cottage 1938
Location: Box 139
Keywords: Accessibility; Architecture; Communication; Contracts; Correspondence; Economics; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Georgia; Government; Henry J. Toombs; Hyde Park, NY; New York; Physical Disability; Top Cottage
Topics: Physical Environment
Funding Support Provided By: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute