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The Role Of Voluntary Organizations
It is in the large local societies that we often find today a rift, a chasm between the old leadership group and the new members. In many cases our societies were started from within the upper middle class group, the well-to-do though not necessarily rich people. Their goals often resulted from a desire to obtain life time security for their children. The newer membership, often persons of lesser means, are seeking more limited, more immediate services....
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Title: The Role Of Voluntary Organizations
From: Speeches Of Rosemary F. Dybwad
Creator: Rosemary F. Dybwad (author)
Date: 1982
Format: Speech
Source: Friends of the Samuel Gridley Howe Library and the Dybwad Family
Keywords: Activists; Advocacy; Children; Civil Liberties & Rights; Cognitive Disability; Economics; Education; Educational Institutions; Family; Fundraising; Identity; International League Of Societies For The Mentally Handicapped; International Relations; Kenya; Mental Retardation; Parenting; People First; Policy; Rosemary Dybwad; Self Help; Service Organizations
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy
Note: Speech delivered at the Eighth World Congress on Mental Retardation, Nairobi, Kenya.

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