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Because A Father Cared
The wave of activity by parents of mentally retarded children in all sections of the U.S.A., some of which undoubtedly was inspired by the action of Louisiana parents, is a social phenomenon almost without precedence in any country....
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Title: Because A Father Cared
Creator: Margaret McDonald (author)
Date: November 1956
Format: Article
Publication: The Rotarian
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.89, pp.12-14, 51-52
Keywords: Advocacy; African American; Catholic; Children; Cognitive Disability; Disease; Education; Educational Institutions; Family; Government; Hospitals; Identity; Institutions; Louisiana; Media; Mental Retardation; Parenting; Religion; Rotary Club; Schools; Service Organizations; Social Welfare & Communities; Special Education; Statistics; Treatments Therapies Cures; Women & Gender
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Mass Media, Culture & The Arts; Social Movements & Advocacy

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