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A drawing of the basic wheelchair in use at Warm Springs.
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Title: Warm Springs Wheelchair
Original caption: MECHANICAL HINTS
The chair pictured above is in general use at Warm Springs, having been introduced here by a patient. It is especially useful as a house chair and will go through even narrow doors. Previously, these chairs have been made for us only by special order and were not offered for sale. A surgical supply house is now building these for us and we are able to offer them for sale at $35.00 each, crated and f. o. b. express or freight from Warm Springs, Ga.
Creator: n/a
Date: August 1931
Format: Illustration
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives
Keywords: Accessibility; Assistive Technology; Diagnoses & Diseases; Disease; Economics; Georgia; Health & Medicine; Institutions; Inventions; Medicine & Science; Physical Disability; Polio; Rehabilitation; Technology & Equipment; Warm Springs Foundation; Wheelchair
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Science, Health & Technology
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