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An advertisement for a folding wheelchair.
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Title: Folding Invalid Chair
From: Wheelchair Advertisements
Original caption: A Folding Invalid Chair that is
and Serviceable
All these features are incorporated into our newest Folding Invalid Chair
Steel, tubular frame is light and strong and the wicker back and cane filled seat are cool and comfortable. Carrying handles at the back and foot add to its utility. Foot board folds and the entire chair collapses into a compact unit easily carried or wheeled. Ideal for use when traveling. Complete description of this and other models will be gladly sent upon request to
The Colson Company
332 Cedar Street
Elyria, Ohio
Creator: n/a
Date: December 1933
Format: Advertisement
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives
Location: p.12
Keywords: Accessibility; Advertising; Assistive Technology; Colson Company; Corporation; Diagnoses & Diseases; Disease; Economics; Georgia; Health & Medicine; Institutions; Leisure; Medicine & Science; Ohio; Physical Disability; Polio; Rehabilitation; Technology & Equipment; Travel; Warm Springs Foundation; Wheelchair
Topics: Science, Health & Technology
Funding Support Provided By: NEC Foundation of America

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