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Date Format Image Collection
March 1855 Article    Document
September 1855 Article    Document
November 1855 Article    Document
1856 Article    Document
February 11, 1856 Annual Report    Document
December 1856 Article    Document
1858 Book    Document
1860 Lithograph  A boy wearing high-waist pants, an over-sized jacket, and a hat holds newspapers in both hands. Visual Still
1860 Engraving  Visual Still
1860 Engraving  Visual Still
1860 Book    Document
1860 Illustration  A boy with a hunched back is carried on the shoulders of another boy in front of a newstand. Visual Still
1860 Illustration  A bald well-dressed man invites John to come watch him eat boned turkey Visual Still
1860 Illustration  A child's drawing of of a fenced house and trees Visual Still
May 18, 1861 Pamphlet    Document
1862 Pamphlet    Document
1863 Annual Report    Document
1865 Pamphlet    Document
1865 Pamphlet    Document
September 2, 1865 Article    Document
1866 Pamphlet    Document
1867 Pamphlet    Document
1869 Photograph  Portrait of Laurent Clerc. Visual Still
1870 Annual Report    Document
January 1870 Article    Document
January 12, 1871 Annual Report    Document
1872 Book    Document
January 16, 1872 Annual Report    Document
1873 Book    Document
1873 Book    Document
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