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Date Format Image Collection
1908 Book    Document
1897 Pamphlet    Document
January 30, 1936 Magazine  A young women, draped in an American flag, stands behind two childern holding a plaque. Visual Still
April 1898 Article    Document
1879 Book    Document
March 1877 Government Document    Document
January 1873 Government Document    Document
1855 Article    Document
April 1847 Article    Document
1849 Article    Document
May 5, 1945 Legal documents    Document
June 1905 Article    Document
1899 Book    Document
1850 Book    Document
1860 Book    Document
1860 Illustration  A boy with a hunched back is carried on the shoulders of another boy in front of a newstand. Visual Still
1860 Illustration  A bald well-dressed man invites John to come watch him eat boned turkey Visual Still
1860 Illustration  A child's drawing of of a fenced house and trees Visual Still
1916 Book    Document
1916 Book    Document
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