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Date Format Image Collection
October 1946 Article    Document
1833 Annual Report    Document
February 5, 1904 Article    Document
February 26, 1903 Article    Document
1889 Advertisement  Four men and one boy in suits, in a piano tuning shop. Visual Still
February 4, 1904 Article    Document
1908 Book    Document
circa 1950 Stamps  Visual Still
December 1, 1900 Book    Document
1833 Annual Report    Document
1834 Annual Report    Document
circa 1903 Pamphlet    Document
June 1905 Article    Document
1970 Article    Document
1970 Article    Document
circa 1910 Postcard  Group photograph of male and female visually impaired basket weavers, photographed with baskets. Visual Still
circa 1900 Ephemera  An engraving of a blacksmith working at an anvil.  One hand covers an eye. Visual Still
circa 1905 Postcard  Color illustration shows seated women making flower arrangements at a long table. Visual Still
1909 Photograph  Blind Men in Business Class Receiving Typing Instruction Visual Still
1905 Photograph  Blind switchboard operator working. Visual Still
circa 1904 Photograph  Boys' caning shop, Main building, Perkins Institution, South Boston, Mass. Showing Mr. Thomas J. Carroll, instructor. The boys stand at tall work benches with chair seats to be caned clamped at chest height. They each have long lengths of caning materials that they weave across the wooden frames. Visual Still
1893 Book    Document
circa 1910 Postcard  Men on benches making brooms by hand. Visual Still
1918 Photograph  Five men working in the Fall River broom shop. Visual Still
1917 Photograph  A blind man stitching a broom. Visual Still
1913 Photograph  Three buildings opened by the New York association for the Blind. Visual Still
March 1913 Article    Document
circa 1904 Photograph  Shop with men and boys working on chairs. Visual Still
1924 Photograph  Boy with woodworking tools. Visual Still
March 1919 Article    Document
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