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Date Format Image Collection
circa 1870 Lithograph  Certificate awarded and inscribed to student. Decorated with illustrations of church scenes. Visual Still
1932 Pamphlet    Document
circa 1910 Postcard  A black man wearing long coat and necktie stands playing a guitar in front of a table and a chair Visual Still
August 1931 Photograph  A young man swings a golf club. Visual Still
January 30, 1937 Article    Document
unknown Postcard  Photograph of a large pyramid of Crutches in the corner of a church. Visual Still
July 1845 Article    Document
January 30, 1938 Magazine  FDR sits at a desk surrounded by children, one holding a crutch. A woman looks on. Visual Still
1869 Book    Document
1869 Book  A boy looks into the sky near the ocean. Visual Still
July 1932 Photograph  A batter stands next to a wheelchair and holds crutches while others watch. Visual Still
April 1933 Cartoon  A cartoon of a man using a crutch and a mirror to find a cuff link. Visual Still
June 1933 Cartoon  Cartoon of a man using a crutch to reach for a flower. Visual Still
May 1933 Cartoon  Cartoon of a man in a small tank going uphill pulling a wheelchair. Visual Still
July 1933 Cartoon  Cartoon of a man with his arm around a woman on a park bench with wheels. Visual Still
August 1933 Cartoon  A young man uses a crutch to hold pretzels and a beer mug. Visual Still
September 1933 Cartoon  Cartoon of a young man on crutches looking at a strong man on a soap box. Visual Still
1873 Engraving  Engraving of a man in a pit with dogs and dozens of rats, some dead. A crowd of men look on. Visual Still
June 1932 Photograph  A swimming pool with an umbrella and glassed building in the background. Visual Still
June 1932 Photograph  People sunbathing next to a pool. Visual Still
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