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Date Format Image Collection
1873 Illustration  Image of a legislative debate in Illinois. Visual Still
1873 Illustration  A man watches while another is forced into a shower stall. Visual Still
1873 Illustration  A man next to a piano looks worried. Visual Still
1873 Illustration  A man speaks with another sitting at a desk. Visual Still
1873 Illustration  A man at a desk hands a paper to a woman. Visual Still
1873 Illustration  A domsetic scene, some reading, others playing chess. Visual Still
January 22, 1873 Annual Report    Document
October 1873 Article    Document
1874 Book    Document
1874 Book    Document
circa 1875 Photograph  Samuel Gridley Howe, waist-up portrait, dark suit, gray hair and beard. Visual Still
January 14, 1875 Annual Report    Document
1877 Article    Document
January 1877 Article    Document
March 1877 Government Document    Document
September 28, 1877 Article    Document
1879 Book    Document
1879 Engraving  Barefoot girl on street selling wreaths. Visual Still
1879 Engraving  Boy sells newspapers on street, posters in background announcing news events. Visual Still
1879 Engraving  Two boys shovel snow on a street. Visual Still
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