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Date Format Image Collection
September 3, 1880 Postcard  Handwritten Text - from John J. Martin Visual Still
September 16, 1879 Postcard  Handwritten Text -  from J. DuBois Visual Still
December 23, 1879 Postcard  Handwritten Text - dated East Saginaw, Sept. 15, 1879 Visual Still
September 17, 1884 Cover  Print shows Benjamin F. Butler standing on a stage dressed as a clown, a list of nominations for the 1884 presidential election trails from his pocket: Last ... Greenback ... Convict Party ... Tewksbury Pauper ... Women's Suffrage ... His own nomination; next to him Belva Lockwood has emerged through a hole in the stage floor carrying over her head a scroll announcing the Nomination for Pres. Women's Rights Party. Visual Still
circa 1900 Postcard  Postcard image of a three-story brick building. Visual Still
May 1, 1898 Cover  Print showing a bloated Civil War veteran sitting on a chair beneath a sign that states How the Fatman has grown. On display next to him is Uncle Sam sitting on a chair beneath a sign that states The Living Skeleton. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  A nurse dressed in white washes a woman's back. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  Beds in an institutional room. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  An institutional room room crowded with beds. Visual Still
1947 Photograph  An open hall with wooden benches. Visual Still
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