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Date Format Image Collection
June 1968 Speech    Document
1968 Poster  Closer Look poster. Visual Still
1968 Poster  Closer Look poster, boy looking through chainlink fence at children. Visual Still
1967     Document
1967 Charts & Tables  Pie charts displaying percentages of causes and classifications of mental retardation. Visual Still
1967 Photograph  A boy with an elderly woman who holds scissors. Visual Still
1967 Charts & Tables  Bar graphs showing numbers of mentally retarded receiving services next to photograph of large crowd. Visual Still
1967 Charts & Tables  Chart showing number of people in vocational rehabilitation programs and the foster grandparent program. Visual Still
1967 Photograph  An African American woman working on an adding machine. Visual Still
1967 Photograph  Two boys, One African American and the other white.  One smiles and the other appears to be singing. Visual Still
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