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Date Format Image Collection
circa 1925 Advertisement  Older man, a father with cane and bandaged eyes sits in room separated from another room where a woman does laundry while a child stands nearby. He is thinking about them--they are inside a circle of light and he is in darkness. Visual Still
1926 Photograph  Doctor uses eyedropper to apply silver nitrate into the eyes of a baby. Visual Still
1926 Photograph  Doctor examines the eyes of an African American boy, two women look on. Visual Still
1929 Annual Report    Document
1930 Annual Report    Document
1930 Chart  Bar graph showing steady decline in those blinded by ophthalmia neonatorum being admitted into schools for the blind between 1907 and 1930. Visual Still
July 1931 Article    Document
July 1931 Illustration  Map for the states of origin of patients at Warm Springs. Visual Still
August 1931 Article    Document
August 1931 Photograph  A young man swings a golf club. Visual Still
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