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Date Format Image Collection
November 15, 1922 Article    Document
November 16, 1842 Letter    Document
1893 Photograph  Alexander Graham Bell speaks into a telephone.  A group of men in suits look on. Visual Still
circa 1920 Photograph  Elderly Alexander Graham Bell writing and holding pipe. Visual Still
circa 1870 Photograph  Young Alexander Graham Bell in suit facing left. Visual Still
February 11, 1901 Letter    Document
January 29, 1901 Letter    Document
January 30, 1901 Letter    Document
circa 1900 Chart  Alexander Melville Bell Visible Speech as depicted by pictorial drawings representing different vocalizations. Visual Still
circa 1900 Chart  A pictorial description of Alexander Melville Bell Visible Speech which include a diagram with sounds related to the physiological parts used to make them. Visual Still
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