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Date Format Image Collection
March 28, 1908 Article    Document
1877 Article    Document
1962 Article    Document
September 1932 Article    Document
April 1933 Article    Document
June 1933 Photograph  A boy sitting in a wheelchair. Visual Still
October 1932 Photograph  Four photographs of a child walking with crutches and braces. Visual Still
February 1858 Article    Document
August 1933 Illustration  A drawing of people going up stairs, first a man in a wheelchair, then a man on crutches, then a woman using canes. Visual Still
1933 Poster  Drawing showing declining numbers of admissions to blind schools due to ophthalmia neonatorum. Visual Still
September 1931 Article    Document
circa 1900 Chart  Terms used for deaf education which read- Akouphone: to enable the deaf to hear, Akou-Massage: for the treatment of catarrhal deafness, and the Akoulalion: for the instruction of deaf mutes. Visual Still
circa 1885 Ephemera  Trade card showing bottle of Adamson's Balsam positioned as cannon aimed at skeleton wearing cloak marked Coughs Colds Consumption. Visual Still
May 1923 Article    Document
1840 Illustration  Two pictures:Top picture-little boy on crutches; Bottom picture-leg bent at knee with a brace from ankle to thigh Visual Still
May 1960 Speech    Document
1837 Speech    Document
1893 Book    Document
1893 Illustration  Sketch of child with drippy eyes. Visual Still
January 1933 Illustration  A design drawing of a steering wheel and clutch. Visual Still
circa 1910 Photograph  A doctor examining a patient's ear using an elaborate-looking diagnostic tool. Visual Still
1915 Newspaper  Photo of a newspaper article entitled Doctor to Let Defective Baby Expire Unaided. Visual Still
November 18, 1915 Article    Document
circa 1885 Ephemera  Trade card describing the merits of Dr. Isaas Thompson's Celebrated Eye Water. Visual Still
circa 1885 Ephemera  Elderly woman applying liquid to elderly man's eye. Visual Still
November 11, 1842 Letter    Document
circa 1910 Postcard  Photograph of a boy using a wheelchair in the yard of a small house. Visual Still
1960 Magazine    Document
1962 Article    Document
March 1877 Government Document    Document
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