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Date Format Image Collection
1868 Illustration  A boy with a crutch rides on the shoulders of another boy. Visual Still
1868 Illustration  A child in fancy dress passes flowers through an iron fence to a child in simple dress. Visual Still
1868 Illustration  Women and children surround a basket of apples. Visual Still
1868 Illustration  Two girls lovingly watch a sleeping baby. Visual Still
1868 Illustration  A color picture of a woman under a tree showing a book of animal pictures to a group of children Visual Still
1868 Book  The title page of The New Book of 200 Pictures Visual Still
1868 Illustration  An elderly women mends to pants while a boy unhappily waits. Visual Still
circa 1920 Postcard  Colored postcard of staff and patients eating watermelon on lawn in front of low buildings with red and white awnings Visual Still
January 13, 1881 Postcard  Handwritten postcard address- Dr. H. M. Hurd, Eastern Assylum, Pontiac, Michigan Visual Still
March 15, 1879 Postcard  Handwritten postcard address- Dr. Henry M. Hurd, Asylum, Pontiac, Michigan Visual Still
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