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KEYWORDS: Service organizations

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Date Format Image Collection
July 28, 1892 Photograph  Bell with a group of children sitting on steps. Visual Still
1907 Photograph  Group photograph in front of brick building. Visual Still
1907 Pamphlet  Program for 1907 American Association Of Workers For The Blind Boston Convention. Visual Still
July 1908 Photograph  Large black and white group photo taken under an archway of the American Association to Promote Teaching Speech to the Deaf Summer Meeting in 1908. Visual Still
1906 Photograph  American Association To Promote Teaching Speech To The Deaf 1906 meeting group photograph taken on stairs with large columns in background. Visual Still
circa 1950 Stamps  Visual Still
October 20, 1908 Article    Document
1929 Annual Report    Document
1930 Annual Report    Document
circa 1990 Poster  Close shot of a prosthetic hook and a hand coming together to shake hands. Sometimes the worst thing about having a disability is that people meet it before they meet you. Visual Still
circa 1990 Poster  A woman in a wheel chair sits at the bottom of the stoop of an inaccessible apartment building. For some people the search for an apartment is all uphill. Visual Still
circa 1900 Photograph  Group of formally dressed men at banquet. Visual Still
August 14, 1977 Postcard  Photograph of young man helping a boy row a rowboat.  Two girls are also in the boat. Visual Still
November 1956 Article    Document
November 1956 Photograph  A smiling father plays with a young girl in a crib. Visual Still
January 30, 1936 Magazine  A young women, draped in an American flag, stands behind two childern holding a plaque. Visual Still
1909 Photograph  Blind Men in Business Class Receiving Typing Instruction Visual Still
1905 Photograph  Blind switchboard operator working. Visual Still
December 21, 1919 Article    Document
March 16, 1919 Article    Document
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