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Date Format Image Collection
1869 Book    Document
January 1905 Article    Document
1974 Photograph  Horse and swing set outside institutional building. Visual Still
January 1839 Article    Document
June 1885 Article    Document
1919 Book  Three men, one in middle holds a chicken. Visual Still
May 1896 Article    Document
1956 Comic Book  A woman call from a porch to an elderly man patting a horse. Visual Still
1888 Annual Report    Document
circa 1910 Postcard  Fred Vaillancourt standing next to two dogs hitched to a wagon. Visual Still
circa 1910 Postcard  A man in a wagon is pulled by two dogs along a dirt street. Visual Still
circa 1910 Postcard  Two dogs pull a man on a wagon. A cannon is in the background. Visual Still
circa 1890 Postcard  Photograph of Vaillancourt (who has one leg) standing in the snow, with cructhes, in front of a sleigh being drawn by two large muzzled dogs . Visual Still
1893 Photograph  Girls standing with stuffed animals at large table. Visual Still
1890 Postcard  A man rides in a goat-drawn cart Visual Still
1892 Photograph  Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan (both left) stand together facing horses positioned right in Boston suburbs. Visual Still
October 1897 Article    Document
1919 Photograph  Helen Keller riding horseback on a pine tree-lined road. Visual Still
1902 Photograph  Helen Keller, seated to left of table facing right, with hand and face on Boston terrier Phiz, which is sitting on table. Visual Still
June 1918 Photograph  Three men, two with canes, one in military uniform, with chickens. Visual Still
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