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Date Format Image Collection
February 4, 1904 Article    Document
November 16, 1842 Letter    Document
1850 Lithograph  Lithograph of Alms House. Bird's eye view. Visual Still
1869 Book    Document
unknown Photograph  Woman in wheelchair having her pulse taken by nurse Visual Still
1897 Pamphlet    Document
1955 Book    Document
1988 Article    Document
1988 Article    Document
1906 Government Document    Document
1839 Book    Document
circa 1914 Postcard  Group photo of men and women on steps of building. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  A naked elderly man with other men. Visual Still
July 1974 Government Document    Document
May 1960 Speech    Document
1943 Annual Report    Document
circa 1885 Ephemera  Trade card describing the merits of Dr. Isaas Thompson's Celebrated Eye Water. Visual Still
circa 1885 Ephemera  Elderly woman applying liquid to elderly man's eye. Visual Still
November 11, 1842 Letter    Document
March 1877 Government Document    Document
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